Fibro Fog

What’s it like? I’m sitting here after an insane 24 hour period literally wrecked.

My days tend to run about 14-16 hours straight between teaching, seeing patients, talking to doctors, running the business, and finding time to squeeze in family. That is the norm. Add another few things on top of that and it starts to pull from deep inside you. Last night we filmed about 25 webisodes and another 20 videos on exercises for fibro patients, and it stretched waaaay late. I had a meeting with doctors early in the morning. I would have gotten a few hours asleep if a sick kiddo hadn’t interrupted those plans. So I just sort of went without.

I’m sitting here after a the nonstop day that followed, and I’m a hot mess. I could just fall asleep like a robot powering down. I couldn’t think clearly all day. I even picked up my daughter late from school because of this thick mental cloud. I had to forgoe conversations I should have had because my words were at caveman level. I found myself just wanting to shut down. I’m sure this blog post is a hot mess!

Is this even close to what it’s like in that fibro fog? If so, then damn. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to have this stretch for days, weeks, even years. Here I am nattering along like some dumb guy talking about how tough pregnancy must be. I truly don’t know what it is like- combine what I am feeling now with physical pain, and I would just want to cry.

All of you out there going through the real thing, you deserve all the heartfelt support in the world!

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