The Quiz

We have been beta testing The Quiz. With (so far) almost 100 responses and hopefully many, many more to go, it has been close to 100% accurate. I’m personally shocked that it has been that great. It looks like it will be a great tool for compiling fibromyalgia data such as symptoms to better increase diagnosis accuracy. By the time we get over a thousand responses, it should go right in line with what all of our research has been telling us so far on fibromyalgia.

So what is The Quiz? It is the tool we have been developing to accurately determine what the root cause of each patient’s fibromyalgia is. This is a process that is fairly new to America, and mostly in use across East Asia by many of the doctors there.

Fibromyalgia is a very special kind of pain, and diagnosing and treating is akin to untying several knots that are all tied together. It can be broken into 8 categories that identify what the root cause is, and that is the first knot to untie.

So what are the eight types?

  • Type 1: Immune Hypersensitivity
  • Type 2: Gut Dysbiosis
  • Type 3: Nitric Oxide Dysregulation due to Elevated Cortisol
  • Type 4: Prostaglandin Dysregulation with Platelet Adhesion
  • Type 5: Mitochondrial Myopathy
  • Type 6: Venous Insufficiency
  • Type 7: Low DHEAs or HPA-Thyroid Dysregulation
  • Type 8: Hypocostisol

So here is –> The Quiz <–. Try it out and pass it along, and help out! So far the most common types are Type 3 (34%) and Type 2 (20%), but even those are very interesting types of chronic, widespread pain patterns. I want to know what kind of fibromyalgia you have!


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