Fibro Warrior

Fibro Warrior. I heard this term recently and I love it. It is very true: you are fighting a war. This put me in a William Tecumseh Sherman mood, for few men have such choice and precise words about war as the man who succeeded General Ulysses S. Grant as commander of the Western Theater of the Civil War in 1864. You may have heard his most famous words.

“I tell you, war is Hell!”

I am sure you know the harsh realities of this statement, as you are living it, not in some Georgia bayou but in the fibromyalgia war-torn landscape of your body. You wake each day and face a battle that can seem difficult to overcome and that few people understand. Things most people take for granted can be crippling to you. One of the Fibro Warriors here locally came in to class with a wrist guard on the other day. She had pet her dog too much, and this had let to crippling pain. That is war.

“You might as well appeal against the thunder-storm as against these terrible hardships of war.”

Soldiers wake in the trenches and never know what to expect yet. Their faces change from this stress, their demeanor, their relationships, and their outlook on life. They are told to put on a bold face and tough it out, but it isn’t that simple.

The one thing that upsets me greatly about fibromyalgia is what it does mentally to each sufferer. Often you are bent in pain, and beleaguered with the skeptical looks of those around you. Then when you are actually having a good day in between flare-ups, you feel afraid of standing up straight and bold for fear that those around you will go, “Look, see? It was all in your head.” You are robbed of the simple pleasure of actually not feeling that bad. It isn’t in your head.

All soldiers need that general, that morale booster that helps them push over the next hill and get through another day. You are a Fibro Warrior. You may not have chosen this war, but you have been enlisted as the theater and the troops. You are not alone in this. Whether it is another Fibro Warrior you lean upon to lift you up or the support of friends and family, find strength in those around you. You will get through another day!

“War is the remedy our enemies have chosen. Other simple remedies were within their choice. Yon know it and they know it, but they wanted war, and I say let us give them all they want; not a word of argument, not a sign of let up, no cave in till we are whipped or they are.” -General William Tecumseh Sherman

P.S. – For some Fibro Warrior stories, visit this blog

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