The Breakfast Club

So patients have taken to calling out Monday afternoon Qigong for Fibromyalgia class as “The Breakfast Club.” I love the term for several reasons. First, I’m a nerd, and it makes me giggle a little inside every time I refer to it as the Breakfast Club. Second, it is a play on words because it is at 1pm, and I know there are more than a few of you out there who are not on an AM schedule due to fatigue, so it really is around breakfast time. Third, it is a really positive social experience for anyone with fibromyalgia.

This last Monday we had a new visitor to the class, and I couldn’t believe it, but everyone was chatting, and laughing, and drinking tea with each other. I had to explain to our visitor that as recently as a month ago this group of people was a very different group of people. The mood had gone from somber wincing before and after meetings, to general chatter, to a very positive and supportive social gathering. The Breakfast Club.

This makes me very happy because laughing and having a social time and good group of support can have very significant positive effects on health. It can even change your gut microbiota for the better. From a doctor’s point of view, having a network of people focused on helping you to get better is a significant contributing factor to patient compliance. Doctors love compliant patients, and especially patients who are actively taking part in their own health. Further, being surrounded by people who actually have an idea of what you are going through can be powerful. You have a group of people holding their arms out, welcoming you to join in, and that is something that everyone needs more and more.

If you are local in the Albuquerque area, definitely try and join us on Mondays from 1pm-2pm for the Qigong for Fibromyalgia group at Khoo Wellness! It is free, and there is tea.

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