The Book is Out!

Finally finished is The Fibro Bible, by Andrew Miles, DOM and Xuelan Qiu, PhD. It is available on amazon now. I’m pretty excited about this book. It talks about the 8 types of fibromyalgia, the roles of gaso-transmitters and microbiota, and sheds a great deal of light on what may benefit you or be harming you.

If you are local to Albuquerque, as soon as we get a shipment in, you can feel free to stop by the Khoo Wellness center and thumb through it.

The exciting thing is that this provides much of the why behind the treatment protocols that have been so successful. Education is a wonderful thing, and the more you know about what is going on, the more manageable fibromyalgia may seem (and according to several studies, patient education is a critical part of pain management). Even a little knowledge about your type of fibro can help you know when, let’s say, a sauna is going to be good for you or leave you crippled in agony afterward. If it can save you even that little bit of guessing game of a potential flare-up when trying out something new, then you come out ahead.

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